Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and conditions for Submission of posts for publication on Faces of Aphasia

Any person or persons interested in submitting a story for Faces of Aphasia may submit material under the following conditions:

  1. Disclaimer – Under no circumstances or in any way can Lingraphica or any partners of Faces of Aphasia or persons otherwise affiliated with the aforementioned be held liable in respect of any material submitted and published on this website, and cannot be held responsible for its content and accuracy by a User. Nonetheless, we will remove any content that might constitute a legal violation, such as material submitted in potential breach of copyright.
  2. Copyright – By submitting material for publication, you guarantee that you are the original copyright holder of the work in question, and you own the legal rights to use the information. As such, we have no legal liability regarding any copyright claims, but will simply remove offending articles as/when we are advised of any breaches. You also guarantee that you have the permission of any other person(s) other than yourself whose image or story you are submitting.
  3. Review – Any material submitted will be reviewed Lingraphica and Faces of Aphasia Partners, who have sole discretion as to whether or not it is published.
  4. Reservation of Rights – We reserve the right to accept, reject or remove any material submitted for publication with no explanation and at any time, including after it has already appeared on the website.
  5. Offensive content – Any material deemed defamatory, racist, or otherwise illegal or offensive will not be approved for publication.
  6. Non-exclusive license for publication – By submitting materials, you grant us license to republish any material you submit for the sole purpose of promoting the Faces of Aphasia campaign and no other use. From time to time, we may wish to use the material to promote Faces of Aphasia in both print and electronic formats. In particular, you agree that we can make it available on this website as well as on our Faces of Aphasia Partners’ websites.
  7. E-mails – It is a requirement of our submission process that you agree to receive occasional e-mails from us. If any of these notification e-mails are returned, we may refuse or withdraw publication.
  8. Acknowledgment – You acknowledge that any breach of the abovementioned warranties may cause us damage or loss and you agree to indemnify us in full and permanently against any third party liabilities, claims, costs, loss or damage we incur as a result of publishing material you submit to us, including consequential losses.

2. Guidelines for the submission of Blog Posts

  1. In general – Submissions should contain a photograph and brief written story about a person with aphasia, a professional working with people with aphasia, an aphasia caregiver, or anyone else touched by aphasia.
  2. Subject matter – Posts should aim at telling the story of a person or group pertaining to aphasia or aphasia rehabilitation in order to spread awareness of aphasia.
  3. Word count – Any length of story is acceptable.
  4. Photographs – Please submit only 1 (one) photograph in digital form only as a jpg or gif. Photos should be 72 dpi and 6 inches wide.
  5. References – Should be included in text where necessary, but given the nature of a Blog Post generally be kept to a minimum. Any citations should be made as follows:
    • Case citations: should be made in a format generally accepted in country where the decision has been rendered. Regardless of such formatting, references must in any case contain the date of the decision; a reference to the court/arbitration case number; the parties (if known); place of publication; page(s) and/or paragraph(s) quoted;
    • Book citations: must have author’s initial of first name and last name capitalized and in full; the title of the book in italics, edition (if not first), place of publication, publisher, date, page(s) and/or paragraph(s) quoted;
    • Article citations: must have author’s initial of first name and last name capitalized and in full, title of article in double quotation marks, year in round brackets, title of journal in italics (with reference to volume number, if applicable), page(s) and/or paragraph(s) quoted.
  6. English – While we appreciate the truly international nature of international arbitration, the working language of Ligraphica and Faces of Aphasia Partners is English. Posts submitted in other languages will be translated at the discretion of Lingraphica and Faces of Aphasia Partners.
  7. Text formatting – All embedded formatting must be removed.
  8. Submission – All materials must be submitted within the form provided.
  9. Privacy Policy – Lingraphica and Faces of Aphasia Partners will not sell, rent or otherwise distribute email and other contact information to any third party. Lingraphica and the Faces of Aphasia partners reserve the right to collect contact information submitted on this website and send periodic updates to those who have surrendered their information. By entering personal information, you hereby agree to receive these updates. At any point, you may choose to opt-out of these updates.