Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement

The Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement (SCALE) was founded in July 2008 as a 501c3 non-profit organization. SCALE is Baltimore area’s first dedicated aphasia support and community center. Our 5,000 square foot facility was designed by an individual with aphasia and is fully accessible and aphasia friendly. We are committed to providing barrier free access to all SCALE services.

Services offered at SCALE are designed to decrease the social isolation experienced by individuals living with aphasia and their family members by providing a community of peers sharing similar goals and interests and trained professionals who support and guide members as they re-engage in life activities.

A variety of communication groups and computer classes are offered in addition to hands-on, interactive groups such as art, photography and gardening. Members participate in classes that are facilitated by licensed Speech-Language Pathologists and/or a Therapeutic Recreational Specialist. Members also participate in community outreach projects designed to increase awareness of aphasia in the wider community. Additional classes are led by trained volunteers. Members have input regarding the types of classes offered, and select classes of interest to them. Caregiver activities include support groups and a library of resources specifically designed for individuals with aphasia and their families.

Visit the Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement website for more information.