Aphasia Access

Aphasia AccessEvery now and then, a group of innovators, researchers, and program founders realize the outcomes they have measured and the services they have provided have profoundly improved the landscape of what is possible for the people they serve. AphasiaAccess grew out of the unmet needs of people living with aphasia as well as clinician frustration with dwindling funding, constraints on services, and a desire for more meaningful outcomes for people with aphasia.

The publication of the Life Participation Approaches to Aphasia (LPAA) offered a new paradigm. Aphasia centers and innovative clinical programs around North America began to embrace LPAA values. However, program leaders yearned for a coordinated mechanism for sharing information, solving challenges and helping new providers. AphasiaAccess is meeting this need.

In 2011, at the Adler Aphasia Center in Maywood, NJ, then again in 2013, at the Aphasia Center of West Texas in Midland, TX, aphasia leaders from 15 US cities and two Canadian provinces gathered to realize the potential of their collective impact. By May of 2014, AphasiaAccess was granted 501 (c)(3) status. The organization’s inaugural Leadership Summit was held at Boston University in March 2015.

We invite you to learn more about AphasiaAccess by exploring our site. If you have any questions about AphasiaAccess, please contact our offices via the Internet at info@AphasiaAccess.org.