The Faces of Aphasia website was created to spread awareness about aphasia, a communication disorder, caused by a stroke or other brain injury, that affects the way a person uses language.

The 2016 Aphasia Awareness Month campaign, “Finding Words” is all about the individuals touched by aphasia. From the people who live courageously with aphasia, to the caregivers who provide love and care, to the speech-language pathologists who treat adults with aphasia, this campaign will highlight these faces and their stories.

If you have aphasia, care for someone with aphasia, or treat people with aphasia, we want to hear from you! Submit your photo and story to be featured, then share it with your friends and family to spread awareness for aphasia.

At the end of the month, we will publish a collection of stories in an e-book titled, “Finding Words: Stories of Aphasia.” Check back on June 30 to download your copy of the book.