I am a Warrior


This is a Finding Words story!

In Mexico, I was a salesman and used language a lot. When I had my stroke, I lost the ability to express myself. I had a lot of ideas in my head but I couldn’t find the words. It was very frustrating. The right side of my body was paralyzed and I couldn’t do my job. Luckily, my wife was there to help me. My family and friends supported me also. I am a warrior. I never lost my enthusiasm and worked hard to get my words back. I now look at life differently with new hopes and expectations.

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  1. Posted by Camen Bernal, at Reply

    You are my heroe!!! Love u @ 😍❤️😘

  2. Posted by Claudia Félix, at Reply

    Así es: un Guerrero con un gran apoyo.
    Sigue trabajando para seguir viendo mejorías !
    No pares de sonreír y disfrutar

  3. Posted by yanet rogel, at Reply

    mi amigo genaro…mejor conocido como chipo es un gran guerrero…vive para contarlo….su temperamento y diciplina han hecho q dia a dia el se mejore fisica y moralmente …pero no es nada mas la.labor de el.solo sino de su familia y el de su esposa q 100%…lo cuida . lo apoya y lo motiva dia a dia a seguir en su recuperacion….exito chipo …la suerte te acompaña

  4. Posted by Yoana Saldate, at Reply

    Genaro I love your attitude 100 % enthusiastic, and I agree you are a real warrior!! 😉

  5. Posted by Elsa, at Reply

    I have witnessed your great improvement ! And more to come, I’m sure. 👍

  6. Posted by dennyse white, at Reply

    When my nephew, Genaro, lost his ability to speak, he was still able to say one word….bueno (good). So when I asked how he was, the answer was “good”. When I asked how he was progressing, his answer was “good”. This may not seeem like a big deal but it shows positivity. Instead of things looking gloomy, or hopeless, or tragic, they were good. This is the foundation of his recovery. He will be good again, of that I have no doubt. He is our warrior…..I am so proud of this battle he will win in the end.

  7. Posted by Nanette González, at Reply

    Bravo Chipo!!! Muchas felicidades por ese ánimo, eres un ejemplo!!!
    Sigue adelante con tu progreso!!!

  8. Posted by Carolina, at Reply

    Es un luchador

  9. Posted by Mariana, at Reply

    I know him and his family, he is a real warrior and sivirvor. The strong in he came from the love of his childrens and wife and i swear is the biggest and beatifull they have.

  10. Posted by Claudia Castillo, at Reply

    Muy bien Genaro! Eres un gran guerrero. Desde acá echándote muchas porras. Bendiciones! 😊 😚

  11. Posted by Martha, at Reply

    Bravo Genaro! Admiro mucho tu actitud ante la vida y la fe que han tenido ante estos nuevos retos. Sigue adelante. Te quiero.

  12. Posted by David, at Reply

    Go Genaro!!! We love you and want you back!!!😎

  13. Posted by Sole, at Reply

    You and your family have made lots of us think and see life in a different way. I’ve discovered FAITH is a matter of trust, commitment and fraternity. I’m sure you will achieve your new goals and make it to your hopes and expactations. Love you all!!!