What? I vahe pahasia?!?


This is a Finding Words story!

I had a stroke eight years ago. I was forty-three years old. I have aphasia and apraxia. I have been to 10 different rehab places and all of them have been very helpful. I been to Stanford, University of Michigan, Burke Rehab & Research hospital and many more.

I created a blog to help stroke survivors learn what I have learned. I am a member of Aphasia Recovery Connection. A Speech Therapist and I started an Aphasia Support group called Chit-Chat Aphasia Group. I created Bay Area Aphasia Circle. In this group people with aphasia meet others with aphasia.

I believe people with Aphasia need 4 things to improve, a Speech Therapy, strategies on how to operate out in the world, games (on a computer or in person) and talking with other people who have aphasia.

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  1. Posted by Roxana, at Reply

    My mother had a stroke 4 years ago, and I have been looking for a speech therapist in Spanish, do you have any reference. We are in Oakland Ca.
    Thank you
    Roxana Post

  2. Posted by Trish, at Reply

    I look for bilingual, Spanish, aphasia in the ASHA.org and I one hit: Pamela Andres-Elias:

    And, Roberta J. Elman, Ph.D. was working the Founder and Executive Director for the Aphasia Center of California, Oakland. You will calling her at (510) 336-0112