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This is a Finding Words story!

My world as I had knowned came to a screeching halt on June 2, 2012 – my life will never be the same again… Never.

I found myself in the throws of a Ischemic AND hemorrhagic stroke… Simultaneously.

After all is said and done, I lost how to communicate – me! A former polyglot, public relation/marketing professional in the height of my career.


Pause. Reach for the words. Stop. Crumble. Break. Aphasia.

Four years trying, Im still trying … Aphasia.

Doreen Mendez

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  1. Posted by Ray Harvey, at Reply

    Stick with it- my French, Dutch and Arabic have returned and this was after had been completely mute for over 4 months.

  2. Posted by shai, at Reply

    your smile and your heart has always been, is, and forever will, illuminate our dark caves in our lives…Thanks Doreen.

  3. Posted by Rich Canull, at Reply

    Congratulations of your accomplishment! I have aphasia from a stroke 5 years ago! Now I speak and write but I am slower next before…I also write with my left hand. I was right handed before. Best, Rich Canull

  4. Posted by Larry Proctor, at Reply

    You are doing great….keep on trying. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Posted by Larry Proctor, at Reply

    I forget names…am now walking with a cane…my right arm is the last to heal…I plan on getting better😎😎😎😎

  6. Posted by shai anbar, at Reply

    hope all’s well with you! Keep on keeping on! 🙂