Keep Singing


This is a Finding Words story!

I have aphasia because I had a stroke. Betsy is my wife and she is nice. I love her. I have always loved to sing and I keep singing. There are some thing that a stroke just can’t take. Many years ago, the stoke did effect my voice, but I found it through speech therapy and I’m singing again. I use my voice to express. I use a song to refer to a topic. Music and songs are a shared language when the words just don’t come.

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  1. Posted by Carol Dow-Richards, at Reply

    Paul is an inspiration. And his wife Betsy is a wonderful caregiver. It is special when you meet people who radiate love – even without words!

  2. Posted by Stan Goldstein, at Reply

    I’ve known Paul for 37 years. I am so proud and happy to see his story. Way to go old friend!!! Love you. 💌

  3. Posted by Liisa Messinger, at Reply

    And I love singing with you, Paul. Thanks for your story, and thanks for your self. You are a very special man. Love you!

  4. Posted by Steve Messinger, at Reply

    Paul: I’m puzzled that I didn’t see this posting earlier! But I’m delighted that you regained your singing voice. And I know your speech had returned because we saw each other last year. It’s great to see your messages, so please keep going. All the best. Steve

  5. Posted by Ronlyn, at Reply

    I had a severe hemorrhagic stroke in September 2015. I love to sing. How is your sing?