Paul’s Story


My name is Paul. I can’t talk very well. I had a stroke in 2013. I couldn’t talk for 4 months. When I did talk the therapist told me to talk with Christmas carols. That it helped. Now I work in the yard. I can go in the car. I have old car 1959 Buick and 1969 camper. I like to eat breakfast and talk to someone who is at the Egg Heaven. Everybody goes there. To God’s be the glory.

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  1. Posted by Freda Levesque, at Reply

    My husband Allen had a Stroke on Feb. 21, 2015. I found him on the floor in the morning and did not know how long he had been there, they could not administer the shot to reverse it. He went through all his therapies and no improvement except he can walk with a cane for a short distance! Aphasia has taken all his communication abilities away from us! It’s becoming very discouraging for him along with the rest of the family. Next month he will be 65 years old and I am hoping he can get the Lingraphica equipment so he can at least let us know what he is needing. All insurance do not cover this which is very sad that a person needs to wait till 65 to be able to communicate with their loved ones! I think only Medicare cares about their patients. He lost a lot but I lost even more!
    Thank you
    Freda Levesque

  2. Posted by paul antonoff, at Reply

    How are you doing? I sing too! I sing a lot. The singing helps me with my aphasia. My wife Betsy and I work to help me speak better. I am an 18 year stroke survivor.