Aphasia Fight


My name is Chris Conlon, and Brain Stroke at Dec 28, 2012. My age is a 38 years. My run is Iceland Marathon is August 23, 2014….

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  1. Posted by Sandy Long, at Reply

    Chris is my older brother. I have always looked up to him. He has always been the smartest, most athletic, most religious person in our family. I always thought he was given it all. One unfortunate day, I suddenly was feeling sorry for him and my parents. His stroke may have taken his words, but he’s definitely not silent. I finally realized that my brother didn’t mean the world to only me and my family, but we learned from so many people how he had touched their lives as well. This kid never gives up and he will continue to fight until the end. He is my inspiration, my hero! Good luck Chris on your upcoming marathon! You never cease to amaze me!!! I love you!!!

  2. Posted by Renate Conlon, at Reply

    Chris is a true fighter. He is very athletic and despite the face that he was paralyzed totally on the right side he will be running his first marathon since his stroke in Iceland. He wanted to make this one to remember so his parents and two former coworkers are joining him in August. He is still taking speech therapy twice a week but is very disappointed that is taking this long for his speech, reading and writing to come back. He loves to travel and attend ball games. His acting career is put on hold for now but I as his mother believe he will get it back. Before his stroke he was an engineer and acted on the side. He has never been married and lives on his own now which makes us nervous sometimes but that is the way he wants it. His faith in God had gotten him as far as he has come.

  3. Posted by Tina McGinley, at Reply

    So inspiring! Thanks for sharing! Great pic! Chris Colon you truly are an amazing person!

  4. Posted by Faces of Aphasia, at Reply

    Hi Chris. Thanks for sharing and good luck at your marathon next month. Be sure to write back in and let everyone know how you did.

  5. Posted by nancy mamis-king, at Reply

    You are amazing.

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  7. Posted by Judy Meyer, at Reply

    Awesome , amazing and handsome!

  8. Posted by Renate Conlon, at Reply

    Chris is truly amazing and will not stop fighting for a cure. He did his first post stroke Marathon on Aug. 23, 2014 (just 19 months post stroke). Since then he ran a Marathon in Pittsburg, PA in May of 2014 and a 70 mile Ironman on May 31, 2014 in Raleigh N.C. He is determined to run the full 140 mile Ironman race within the next year. After the Iceland marathon he had to take a break from running because he had knee surgery in Nov. 2014. Now he is working hard on his speech therapy which has a long way to go. We are hoping that he can improve especially with the help of Lingraphica equipment.

  9. Posted by Carol Dow-Richards, at Reply

    Go Chris! He went from WALKER to training for the IRONMAN in September. He inspires so many!