Speaking from the Heart


The most rewarding experiences I have had working with patients who are diagnosed with aphasia, are the moments that they find the words to truly express their thoughts, feelings, and needs to reconnect with their loved ones. As a Clinical Consultant, I am thankful for the opportunities to work with SLPs and family members to facilitate communication straight from the heart. Last week I worked with an SLP who said that the first time her patient used a Lingraphica SGD, he told his wife (with a tear in his eye) “I love you,” for the first time in five months.

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  1. Posted by Mayara, at Reply

    Mark, thanks for your molbie Valentine message on love . Love, to me, is a heart connection with or without conversation between me and someone else. It is a sharing of spirit. During Bruno’s early recovery, we were both extremely grateful for our ability to share in this way. Now that actual conversation is a part of our lives, this sharing has become a rich experience indeed. Thank you Mark for shining light on our path! And Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Malka.