Rita Wolkind

Rita Wolkind

Almost two years ago, I came back from trip to Israel. I was unpacking and getting ready for a family get-together when I had a stroke. I spent two weeks in the hospital recovering. I could only say four or five words but the therapist didn’t say I had aphasia. It was later that we figured it out.

I got involved with a speech therapy program, a stroke support group, and began practicing speech with apps on my iPad. I started to regain my speech and start speaking in full sentences again.

I enjoy going to the theater, spending time with my husband, Ray, my children and grandchildren, and participating in support groups.

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  1. Posted by Eve Wasserman, at Reply

    Rita is amazing! She is such an inspiration to us all.

  2. Posted by nancy mamis-king, at Reply

    Hi, Rita I missed seeing you.