Alice Schick

Alice Schick

I had a stroke in late 2006 and was diagnosed with aphasia. My husband and I visited Moses Cone Rehab Clinic. After a few weeks of speech therapy, we were told to go home with a few written speech therapy exercises to practice but that was not enough for me so I started using a speech-generating device.

Now, I speak well enough to volunteer at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem. I also drive alone to visit stroke survivors every Monday afternoon, encouraging them to share their stories of success.

My aphasia was so bad that I felt completely alone in this world but Moses Cone Rehab Clinic and my Lingraphica speech-generating device have changed my life!

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  1. Posted by nancy mamis-king, at Reply

    I admire the work that you do. I am a social worker with aphasia.

  2. Posted by Lourdes, at Reply

    My mother had stroke on September of 2013. Since she didn’t have insurance coverage she didn’t have access to rehabilitation.
    She can read and write, but the speech still not good. She’s 81 years old and speaks only Spanish. Will you carry devices on another language or the ones that you offer can be used as a technique for that type of users?
    I would appreciate if you would provide information.

    • Posted by Faces of Aphasia, at Reply

      Hi Lourdes, the Lingraphica team is happy to help. Will you please call Lingraphica at 888-274-2742? Thanks!